100wc #20

It was an early Sunday morning and I was getting ready for a big day ahead. My birthday!! We were going on a safari in Africa. I was just packing my sandwiches for the journey. Sadly, my miserable little brother was coming. But to that downside was an upside. My crazy grandad – that has silvery grey hair- is coming as well. On the plane to Africa I looked out of the window and saw some mountains that would be perfect to climb. I just hope we see some great big Hyenas on the safari because they are my favourite animals.

2 thoughts on “100wc #20

  1. Sheila Speirs (Team 100wc)

    Well done, Adam – this week’s 100wc was not easy, but you managed to weave the words into a well constructed piece of writing. I like your adverbial openers, setting the scene, contrasting with subject openers, and longer descriptive sentences brought up effectively with the short: ‘My birthday!’ You have clearly had a go at L5 punctuation – great job.
    Just a technicality – because your grandfather is a person not an object, he would be referred to as ‘who’ not ‘that’ ie ‘- who has silvery grey hair – ‘
    Thanks for a great read this week – keep up the challenge!


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