The Seer Episode 1

Hi, I’m Korbin. Korbin Jumping-eagle. You might be wandering what I’m blabbering on about, you see, my life has changed recently. Since I was born, I had a power to- well- see things. I can tell you this story but you should keep it to yourself. My grandmother passed away lately, she gave me a journal that I never dared to open for some reason. “I said get out you disgusting creature!!!” Sorry, I was seeing things again. I know this is silly, but I keep the journal under my bed so I don’t need to see it. But you know what? I’m old enough to open some journal, right? Here goes nothing…

“AAAAAAH!!!” What happened? Around me nothing happened, I’m just in my room as always. I think I should see that doctor mum was talking about. I should get some sleep. “Wake up.. I said WAKE UP!!!” I woke up and I saw something that I knew had to be real. “AAAAAAH!!!!” I cried as I  as I hit him with the pillow. He was a normal teenager , but something was different about him. He had pale skin, like a vampire, he had scarred cheeks that made his mouth bigger and creepy. He stopped me from fighting him with pillows and held my mouth so I could not scream. What might happen now….? Will my power of seeing things kill me?

2 thoughts on “The Seer Episode 1

  1. jruddy

    Hi Amelia,
    I really like the chatty style of your first chapter. It makes it sound like you are talking to the reader. This really engaged me and made me want to keep reading as it feels like talking, not reading! Great!!
    What a great idea – a character who sees things. I love this. And now you have confused me because I don’t know if the teenager is real or if she is imagining it. I can’t wait for chapter 2 to find out what happens. Is he real? How can he stop her screaming if he is only in her mind? So many questions to be answered.
    Don’t forget to vary your openers too. You can start some sentences with ‘ly’ words such as Nervously, Frantically etc.
    Hurry up with chapter 2. I can’t wait!
    Mr. Ruddy


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