Sherlock Homes Chapter 1


The small american man sat in his bank, counting his endless amounts of money. Kissing it like his own wife, he thought about how he’s going to get twice as more tomorrow. He yawned quietly, and snoozed off. Slowly, the banker opened his eyes and tried to find the source of the sound which woke him up. Suddenly, he got pulled out of his chair and thrown on the floor. He found himself looking into the eyes of a big, bald muscular man. “Hello little man, I’ve been wondering if you could borrow me some money?” The little man whimpered, but before he could answer, the man shot him. He exited the bank, laughing ominously. The room was empty except of the dead corpse in the middle.

 “GOAAAAL” Sherlock watched in despair as his favorite team lost the match. His heart shriveled up like an Autumn summer leaf. After the match, he caught his friend, Marty, in the midst of the crowd. “I heard your home team lost the match,” said Marty, cheerful as always. “Don’t even talk about it,” murmured Sherlock.

On his way home, he witnessed a crime scene, and immediately went to see what was the fuss about. After he saw the body bag, he knew it was something serious. He went up to the sergeant and asked what has happened. “A banker got murdered,” said the sergeant in his rusty voice, “but the problem is that we have three suspects and we don’t who it was.” He gave Sherlock the case file and Sherlock went home. At home he tried to figure out, but it was like looking for something that doesn’t exist. All of the three suspects have the same amount of evidence. After what seemed like days, Sherlock remembered something. On his way to the match, he saw one of the suspects Josh Hawkness, entering the bank. He raced down the road and saw him. “I’m arresting you under suspicion of murder.” He snorted, “I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to find me.” And without more words Josh took out a knife and swiped at Sherlock. Luckily, Sherlock was prepared for his kind of situation. He dodged and handcuffed him. “I still can’t believe it was you, Dad!”

One thought on “Sherlock Homes Chapter 1

  1. jruddy

    Hi Kacper,
    Well done for posting your first chapter. Excellent! I am very impressed with the level of accuracy with your speech marks and punctuation. This is fantastic to see! I also really liked the way that you suddenly changed from the murder scene to Sherlock watching football. This was so cleverly done.
    I am so confused with the ending though. You really have ended with a shocking revelation – is the murderer Sherlock’s dad?!?! Could this be? Or have I misunderstood?
    I can’t wait to find out. This shows you have really engaged the reader so well because I must know what happens next. So get cracking with chapter 2. Hurry up!!
    Keep it up Kacper.
    Mr. Ruddy


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