As I strolled through the whispers of coldness, I tried to find her. The wet floor caused me to see my own reflection, gleaming under the light. I didn’t want to even want to look at myself. I was so ashamed that I left my world for so long. I told her that I would see her. But was it too late? The crossing made sudden beeping noises, although there was no one there she could hear me. I knew she could. Trees blew disorderly trying to make me scared. But I knew The Listeners were protecting me . Until she found me………….

2 thoughts on “100WC#week19#

  1. Joyce Klowan team100wc

    Hi Yohana. Good use of this week’s prompt. Very imaginative and descriptive. I wonder who the “Listeners” are and what will happen now that she’s found you?

  2. 15carmel

    Good afternoon Yohana,
    i really enjoyed your 100 wc. I really like retorical question e.g But was it too late? Also when you stole the idea of the listeners from tile of the peom we have been studing on and your starters e.g As i strolled through the whispers of the cold. i wish that you could of done some exciting when you said e.g The crossing made sudden beeping nosies, there was your chance to make it more exciting. But as a resulet your was really faboulous


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