100WC WEEK 19

There it was. It was like the road was everlasting. It seemed like I was going in circles. Nervously, I looked at the bright light, trying to see if it could guide me. The trees’ leaves whispered in the breeze. My hands trembled in the coldness of the night. As I walked down the long, windy road, I saw something. The figure slowly faded away when I rubbed my eyes. I thought I was just imagining things but then it came back. It looked like someone I knew. Someone I loved so much. Then I realised it was my loving mother.

One thought on “100WC WEEK 19

  1. Luke Fitzpatrick

    Well done Beverley. This is a fantastic piece of creative writing and I really enjoyed reading this. I thought you captured the feeling of the photo prompt really nicely and used your 100 words well. Keep up the great work.
    Mr Fitzpatrick
    Tasmania, Australia
    100WC Team


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