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  1. 15gabriela

    This is the most Holy text for Jewish people. It takes one year to make one Torah. It is made out of animal skin and is also hand-written in the original Hebrew language. A Torah is very special at the cost of £200,000. The special Torahs are mostly locked up away in the Synagoue cupboard.

  2. 15adam

    This is the Torah the Jewish holy writing. This is linked to Catholicism because in the Catholic Bible it is the whole Old Testament, but not the New Testament. They do not believe that Jesus was God’s son, the Mesiah. They believe he was a mere preacher, although the Jewish faith thinks Jesus is not God’s son the Catholic faith thinks he is and it says in the Bible. This is the link to Catholicism from Judaism. Did you know the Torah takes a year to write and a year to read?

  3. 15beverley

    Hello Mr Ruddy,
    This is the Torah. Jewish people read from it, especially when they have their bar mitzvah at the age of 12 or 13. It takes one year to write the whole Torah and they write on animal skin.

  4. 15jauvane

    Hi Mr Ruddy,
    The Torah Scroll is the Jewish Holy Book. It can take up to a year to write and is made out of animal skin. They use a special ink to write it out. If they make a mistake they have to start all over again. If you want to read the Torah Scroll you have to use the yad which is a pointer.

  5. 15amelia

    This is a Torah, this is like a Jewish bible but it is not a book, it’s more of a scroll. This takes exactly one year to write and one year to read, it’s terribly hard to write because if you do a mistake you have to start all over again! Imagine that! A person called a Bar Mitvah or Bat Mitvah reads a page of the Torah. The Torah is hand written .

  6. 15marcel

    Hello Mr Ruddy
    The Torah is a massive scroll and it’s like the bible, but it’s the Old Testament. The Torah is a scroll because the Jews still keep the same tradition like in the olden-days.

  7. 15maria

    Good Afternoon
    The Torah is the Jewish bible, but made as a scroll. It takes a year to write and there cant be any mistakes. If you make a mistake you have to restart the whole page again. Also, the Torah is The Old Testament in the bible. The Torah is hand written.

  8. Ryan O

    The Torah is the Jewish bible and is almost identical to ours but it is only the Old Testament. It takes at least one year to write and one year to read.If a boy writes it, it is called a Bar Mitzvah and a girl a Bat Mitzvah.

  9. Denise

    Good Day Mr Ruddy,
    This is a Torah. A Torah is like a Jewish version of our bible, except that there is only the Old Testament because Jews don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. The original Torah is hand written, animal-skin paper and its a scroll: Its a scroll because Judaism was around BC, it was the first ever religion and there weren’t any books then, only scrolls.

  10. julian

    Good evening Mr Ruddy,

    The Torah is a Jewish Bible which is a bit like the Old Testament . It takes around 1 year to write and 1 year to read. It is made from animal skin. In addtion to this it costs 20,000 pounds because that is 1 persons salary for 1 year. The Torah is incredibly heavy and if you drop it you have to fast for 1 day.


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