A Mezuzah

What is this? Where can we find it? What is inside it? Why do Jewish people have one? Let’s see if we can build up a bank of interesting facts about this. Can you find out something new?

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  1. 15gabriela

    Hi Mr Ruddy

    Jewish people keep a Mezuzah hanging by the door to remind them to lead a good life. The Mezuzah has two parts, a little scroll on which certain prayers are written. The protective container is usually decorated to make it attractive.

  2. 15amelia

    A Mezuzah is a parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith. It looks like a little box on the door, some people kiss it every time they pass it as a blessing. Usually, it has some Hebrew writing on it ( sometimes meaning God bless us or Bless you). In some Mezuzahs, there is a teeny weeny piece of paper usually saying one of the commandments. That doesn’t mean the others aren’t important.

  3. 15adam

    This small box is called a Mezuzah. You can find it on the doorframe of a Jewish household. There is a small piece of parchment with a prayer on it from the Torah this prayer is called ‘Shema Yisrael’. Jewish people have these on their doorframe to signify their faith.

  4. 15jayden

    Good evening Mr Ruddy. A Mezuzah is a piece of metal. Jewish people hang it on their doorposts. They normally kiss it to remind them they are Jewish. Inside the Mezuzah, there is a scroll telling the Jewish people that they have one God and they must worship him. It is also written in Hebrew.

  5. Ryan O

    The mezuazh contains a little piece of paper that says that there is only one God and you must only love one God. This piece of paper with the writing is a little text from the Torah itself. It is found on Jews doors to remind them that there is one God.

  6. 15carmel

    Good evening Mr Ruddy,
    This is a Mezuzah it’s found in front of Jewish people doors. It have scroll in it with piece written from the Torah to remind Jewish people to live a good life. In Hebrew it’s called the Shema the word “mezuzah” technically refers to the scroll only, but in common usage it means either the scroll, the case, or both together.

  7. Denise Mezuzah

    Good Evening Mr Ruddy,
    This is a Mezuzah. It is found on the front doorstep of Jewish peoples home. Inside the Mezuzah, contains a scripture from the Torah. the first passage written on the Mezuzah is the Shema or translated as ‘Hear O Israel’. It’s there to remind the Jews that there is one God only.

  8. 15beverley

    Good morning Mr Ruddy,
    This is the Mezuzah. Jewish people place it three quarters up their door as a sign of respect and for people to know that they are Jewish. It is a small box and contains a special piece of the Torah.

  9. 15sinead

    Good Evening Mr Ruddy,

    Jewish people put a mezuzah on there door, just to let people know a jew lives there and they are a follower of God. Inside the mezuzah there is a little prayer from the Torah. In the Torah it is written in hebrew, as well as the prayer in the mezuzah. Jewish people have a mezuzah, because they are a Jew.


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