A Christmas Miracle

The streets of London were filled with people singing Christmas carols and celebrating Christmas the old, traditional way. Every single person in London was celebrating Christmas. All except one. And that was Mr.Berry. Mr. Berry wasn’t the kind of person you’ll want to meet in a dark alleyway at night. He was cruel and horrible and never celebrated anything. Also, he was very rambunctious.  He lived on his own in a eerie, old mansion. He was also a very old-fashioned man. While people where going round with there iPhone 6’s, the most technological thing he had was an old watch his grandfather had presented him when he was young. Anyway, Mr. Berry put on his coat and went outside. The world was covered with a blanket of snow. As always, he kept his head down and blended in the crowd. Finally, he reached his destination.

Opening the door, he looked back to make sure no one was following him. He found himself in an old, rusty place with rubbish lying all around. Cautiously, he opened another door leading into a ginormous room. He sat down in a wooden chair and he began to doze of. Midnight.  Mr.Berry woke up. Listening closely he heard a weird sound; it got louder and louder until a big light flashed in front of him. There stood a transparent creature floating in mid-air! “I am the ghost of Christmas,” it began, “and have watched you for a very long time. Now I will set a challenge for you and you must do it. That will teach you some respect.” And the image started to vanish.

“FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT…” Mr.Berry found himself being a pupil in school who is getting bullied and made fun of. Children were surrounding him and another mean looking kid. Without warning the kid jumped on him, but before he could  give the first blow, a teacher came rushing  over. “Flash, stop that IMMEDIATELY!” The children, including “Flash” started running in different directions. Weirdly, the teacher glared at Mr.Berry and rushed off herself.

To cut a long story short, the ghost made him go back in time and feel what is it like being treated badly, just like he treats everybody. This is how he gets treated daily: Getting into trouble even though the teacher knows it was not him who did it; Being constantly bullied; never getting chosen to do anything special. Finally, one day he had enough so he started crying. The ghost transported him to his own time and he never bullied anyone as long as he lived.

One thought on “A Christmas Miracle

  1. jruddy

    Hi Kacper,
    Well done on a great entry to the Year 6 Christmas Story Competition. I really liked the message that the reader gets from your story about treating others nicely. Mr. Berry really did learn a valuable lesson. It reminded me of the story about Scrooge. Is that what inspired you? Well done for some great new vocabulary too eg. Rambunctious and ginormous.
    To improve, I think your ending was just a bit blunt. It felt a bit rushed at the end and you could have included more detail about how he learned his lesson. But well done overall. A great story.
    Mr. Ruddy


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