Merry Christmas 100wc

I opened the immense, stunning present that stood in front of me. This celebration is thought to be the best in the world, I was  wrong. Inside the present was a strange, compact object. Smiling artificially, I ‘thanked’ my mother as if I loved it, not. My face was now red, but I remembered the great, old  grandfather clock that can go back in time! Nervous, I stood before the clock saying the magic words ” Oh grandfather clock please, or I will have to throw peas. ” . Magically, the clock started talking, “What shall I do?”
“Take me back this morning, a deal!?” …

One thought on “Merry Christmas 100wc

  1. Miss Taylor (Team 100WC)

    A great 100wc, Amelia! It seems as though you are a talented writer! You have used some great vocabulary and a very good variety of punctuation. I’m also very impressed with your ‘-ing’ sentence starter; I encourage my class to use these a lot too 🙂

    The use of ellipsis at the end has left me hanging on the edge of my seat – I wonder what will happen next…


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