10WC week 15

The crestfallen face had turned into a joyful smile, as Jake opened his present. The bright red nose lighted up. His little brother gazed in awe. Jake looked at his strange, but special mum and gave her a hug.”Calm down Jake!” 

The nervous look on Jake’s face gave a chill down his mums warm blooded spine as he examined the small box. Lifting up the box, Jake saw his reflection in the stained glass screen. The thing that he had always wanted. That was when Jake knew that the celebration had begun. “Lets get this party started!” exclaimed Jake.

One thought on “10WC week 15

  1. Mrs Mac (Team 100) Australia

    Beverley you have expertly included the 5 words in your story this week. Congratulations!
    I would have loved to know what Jake got from his mum – was it an iPad or a laptop? I like how you describe it as ‘the thing that he had always wanted.’
    Jake’s cry of ‘let’s get this party started’ ended your story very well.
    Well done.


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