100wc week#15

Today was the Christmas celebration. I opened my presents first thing in the morning, but instead of seeing the object I desired the most, I saw a strange red glove. I tried it on and it felt like a cloud was on my hand, even though I have never felt a cloud before. My hand started sweating – it was stuck to my hand – so I tried to take it off. I started getting nervous. I didn’t feel that soft feeling on my hand that I had before. The glove strangled my hand and my arm, because I could see the color purple starting to flow across my entire arm. I opened my eyes. It was just a dream … for now.

One thought on “100wc week#15

  1. Mrs Williams (Team 100WC)

    Hi Denise, I enjoyed reading your writing for this week’s 100 word challenge – well done. I thought your idea was very imaginative and you have used some great description throughout. Your opening is very effective ‘but instead of seeing the object I desired the most’ it made me immediately want to read on. Think carefully about how you close a piece of writing – are there any other ways than it being a dream?

    Remember the challenge is to write in 100 words (you have used a few more than that).

    Thank you for sharing your writing and I hope that you continue to do so in the new year.
    Mrs Williams (Team 100WC) Leicester


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