week13 100 wc

prompt:  But as the leaves rustled

As i walked throught the pitch black, frightening forest i could hear the wind whispering to me saying get out this forest while you can. The towering trees were swaying their demonic hands trying to take the life out of me.  Hungry wolves were licking their lips because they knew that lunch headed their way. There were rumors about the forest that there was a terrifying creature  in it , but i saw nothing.  Minutes later i was very deep into the forest, but as the leaves rustled i turned around to find a giant CRAKEN!!!!

3 thoughts on “week13 100 wc

  1. Joe Pasternak (Team 100WC)

    Hi Naffrey,

    I would not want to be caught in that forest with all those demonic hands from the trees, the hungry wolves and a howling wind…never mind that Craken! Your use of descriptive words is excellent and really gives the reader a feeling of fright all throughout. Hopefull you were able to avoid getting caught by the Craken, great work!

    Joe P.
    Dublin, Ireland

  2. Miss Anand Team 100 WC London

    Hi Naffrey,
    Oh my goodness, what a frightening forest you created for your reader! I love how you made specific word choices to create such a terrifying atmosphere for your reader; I only hope you managed to escape! Keep up the great work, you clearly have a talent for writing.

  3. 15sinead

    Hi Naffrey,
    Great WOW words. I loved your story what happens next did you survive or did you die, I am very curious. I loved when you put “Hungry wolves were licking their lips because they knew that lunch headed their way.” That made me read on! I thought the wolves ate you alive! However great ideas keep it up.


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