It was quiet, too quiet. I could hear a pin drop. Out of nowhere I saw a gloomy shadow illuminating the darkness. It gave me chills at the back of my neck.I started walking slower and slower until I stopped to a halt. I saw it again. My stone heart started to break yet I had to escape. I turned my body sideways and it wasn’t there. I felt relief for a brief moment but when I turned around I could see his ominous smile looking at me; there was no escape. It was the end.

One thought on “100wc#week13

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Dawid,
    Great 100WC. I loved the way you started- It was quit, too quiet. I also love the way you ended- It was the end. I was thinking what would happen next. Instead of saying- until I stopped to a halt, you could have said I came to a halt. Stopped and halt have the same meaning. Overall, amazing 100WC.


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