week13 100wc

As I went through the scary, dark forest I saw birds singing and wolves howling. Wait a second. WOLVES! I ran like lightning to outrun the wolves but they were quicker than me. Running, crazily I outran them finally but as the leaves rustled it was quiet. Too quiet. Then i saw them. Suddenly they howled, to call backup, incase I escaped. Then I ran for my life because if I was going to just stand there Im going to die quickly. Crying, happily I entered my home and i tryed to forget about everything. But will this happen again tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “week13 100wc

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Marcel, I like your sentence starters-Crying happily. I also liked how you described the wolves and then you say wait a second.It’s like you did not realise there were wolves. One thing you could’ve changed is that you kept on using outrun. You could have used a different word. Overall, you have a good chance of winning the 100WC. Well done.


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