There he is- the Lord of Nulth. Just about to open the mysterious sack full of mystery. Stunned, amazed, astonished, he whipped it out of one of the guard’s stiff hand. The kicking and screaming was endless like a corridor, which leads to nowhere. Without warning, the Lord’s stomach tightened. Was it the end of him? The Lord’s head was spinning- he didn’t know if he should open the sack. As fast as a firework, he let free the screaming something. It was a fury ball of cotton. It was angry. In the speed of light the Lord and his guards were gone.

One thought on “week12#100wc

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Gabriela,
    Your story was great. I liked your 3_ed sentence-stunned,amazed,astonished. I also liked you rhetorical question. Two other people fell into the same trap as you. If you scrolled down the 100WC page, you would’ve seen that it said that you should star with he was shocked to find. Overall amazing story.


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