The Lost Family

What will happen next?Hi my name is Jenny and I live with my Mum,Dad and little brother John.Since it was half term my mum decided to go camping.Firstly,I’ve always hated camping because the last time we went camping I got lost and my parents found me there days after. The second thing is that you sleep in tents and you are surrounded by plants and animals,wild ones.I guess I had to go because it was family time and I can’t miss that.

As we left the house to go camping,everyone was waiting for me because I was still doing my last packing.I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything.As we were about to leave I just realised that my dad wasn’t there.”Mum where is dad?”I asked. Mum replied, “He is coming with the camping van.” “Look here he comes my little brother”,John said.”Come on everyone inside and I would put bag inside”,said dad.

we set off for camping.Man it took so long that I slept the whole way through .Dad found a camping spot while my mum woke me and my brother up.”look john a mountain let’s go climb it.””you be careful and don’t forget to jump over the river.” John was so excited that he ran at the same time dragging me towards the river.”On the count of 3 we jump.1,2,3 jump.” John was so happy that he jumped into the river.He was drowning because he didn’t know how to swim.

“JOHN! Mum,Dad John!” I shouted. I had no choice but to jump in. When I did I started drowning. Was that the end of my family?

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