The Lord of Nulth

….a colourful and bright phoenix which rose out of the dull grey sack. It had beautiful red and yellow feathers and eyes as bright as sapphires. The phoenix spread its wings and all the guards and Lord of Nulth stepped back, dropped to the floor and covered their eyes for protection from the bright light. The phoenix rose up into the sky, lighting it up as bright as a flame. The darkness of Nulth was gone forever.  Imagination and  colour were restored to the world thanks to this magnificent bird. Lord of Nulth and his robotic guards disappeared into the flames of cosmic dust.

One thought on “The Lord of Nulth

  1. Joyce Klowan

    What a magnificent story, Ryan. I can picture the phoenix rising into the sky with your colorful description. It was nice to also have a happy ending for a change. Good job with this week’s challenge.


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