Remember 100wc

“I’m back!” a sinister voice exclaimed from down the stairs. “Don’t you remember me?” the eerie voice carried on. As I crept down the creaking stair, not wanting to make a sound, my head was spinning. Without warning, I felt a gentle hand rest on my shivering shoulder. Not daring to look I questioned the man, “Wo are you?, leave me alone!” Moments later, after I composed myself, I cautiously opened my eyes to see something i didn’t want to see- my dad. My heart shattered  into pieces. I couldn’t resist to run- I was back in my room. I was shocked.

One thought on “Remember 100wc

  1. 15erica

    Hi Gabriela,
    I really liked the story, but they were some places and parts in the story that were mixed up and I didn’t completely understand! It was still a great story so keep up the effort!


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