prompt:”Run! Run for your life!”

Walking anxiously, I looked at the beautiful golden walls. I knew my only reason being here is to find treasure and I couldn’t waste time. My mind was a ocean with questions such as: Am I going to die? (I hope not). I thought of my family I have to do it for them other wise they will starve death. I saw a quick glimpse of light shining through the roof and i started to believe in myself, I can do it.I ran quicker and i saw a golden statue. It was the treasure. I ran to it and grabbed it as soon as I did it meanwhile ground shook like an earthquake. I started to make a run for it. My heart was pounding like a lion racing through the jungle. I saw the exit and i thought I was saved but the mountain was getting destroyed and falling into the ocean. I then heard an engine. It was the helicopter. I jumped onto it and i was saved (including my family). I am such a risk taker.

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