Prompt Homework:Run! Run for your life!

It was the day. The day that the night came closer to me. I was so scared. My parents left me alone in the house while they went to a party. Hours went by.I heard the door bell ring….. who was there?I went closer.Step by step I heard the person who was outside. I checked who was outside…. no one was there.The bell rang again.I didn’t check.I got tired I turned off the TV and went up stairs to my room. As I took the first step I saw someone rush past me up stairs.I thought I was alone in the the house.But I guess that someone was with me all this time.

I got even scared-er what would happen? A shadow started coming  down stairs I got so scared. My mum came out of no where and she said to me “Run! Run for your life !”

One thought on “Prompt Homework:Run! Run for your life!

  1. 15beverley

    Hi Victoria,
    I liked your first sentence-It was the day. That sentence really engages the reader. I also liked your rhetorical questions. One thing you could have remembered is your punctuation. on the last paragraph you said- I got even scared-er what would happen. Scared-er is not a word and you forgot the full stop after it. Overall, good story. You built up the tension as well.


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