200 Words

Joe , Adam and I , went through the creepy dark forest. Scared, frightened, terrified, we kept on going on the old stone path. We all knew we’re going to be into trouble but we pretended we weren’t. We saw trees with branches looking like fingers trying to grab us. Then we saw it. There was a massive mansion with bats flying everywhere and cobwebs with spiders on them. Me and my friends dared each other to go in. So we did.
When we entered, it was pretty dark but luckily we brought torches with us. The mansion was pretty big so we all split up. We all decided that Joe goes to up the stairs and to the right. So that means Adam had to go on the other side of Joe. So I explored the bottom. And so, I searched the bottom but it was quiet. Too quiet.
2 hours later. We searched every single bit of the mansion but still, nothing. But suddenly we saw weird creatures jumping on the floor. There was a captain and two servants. As it shivered, they felt the anger in the captain’s breath. They challenged us for a football game. And you wouldn’t believe who won the match.

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