100WC #Week12

He was shocked to find a ugly, horrifying looking creature. “No, it can’t be, ” he exclaimed. The mysterious monster scrunched up into a tiny ball looking  like a hedgehog. “Who are you and what have you come for, ” Lord Nulth shouted aggressively. There was no response. “You have failed me,” Lord Nulth spoke to his guards ferociously. The guards looked down at the floor not daring to move a muscle. Despite the fact that the Lord Nulth was failed by his guards, he did not kill them. Slowly, the creature started to rise up. His eyes were ready to kill…

2 thoughts on “100WC #Week12

  1. 15sinead

    Good evening jauvane,

    I loved your story revenge. How inspired you to right a story about revenge. I am really eager to know where your horrible friend ended! Did anybody find her! Did she come back for revenge two years later. Hopefully she is okay! What did she do to you before, which made you so angry to do revenge back to her? Did she do something horrible its hard for you to forgive. Overall I will give your story a rate out of 10 I think it deserves 10 out of 10.


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