100WC #10

prompt:  …..as it shivered,they……

When we all got there in one peice i only saw polar bears, penguins, seals , sea birds and killer whales.I thought that there was no Yetis and no snowmonsters, but i was all wrong. Another family was there aswell. they were called the Ross family. Frightened, scared,worried, i was because i ws thinking about what the trip had in store for us.

It was night. The moon was up. It was silent. Too silent. My dad made a tent for all of us to sleep in. I was curled  up in my sleeping bag listening out for noises.  After a while there was noises . The invisible wind howled louldly.The noisy penguins quaked continuesly. The last noise i heard that night was the swishing sound of the sea crashing into rocks. These same sounds continued each night for the week. until i heard  howling wind, quacking penguins, swishing sea and a enormous ROAR!!!!!

That roar woke up my whole family and made us all scared . It also woke up the ross family. I could not see what it was but the only thing i could see was the monster  shivering. The ross family were terrified. As it shivered , they screamed, packed their bags and left the antartica. After a while the frighting monster came to our tent and grabbed me . It was a huge monster and it was scary. I was then taken to a dark and scary cave. The frighting monster left me there all alone, just me. The only questions that went through my head was. What will happen?   What would it do to me? Will i die? Would i see my family again? I was heartbroken and terrified.

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