The Poor Cat

Jane and her friends saw the dying cat laying on the road. As it shivered, they picked it up and put it on the pavement. Everyone gathered around. ” Poor thing,” someone said. The driver got out of his car to see what he had hit. ” Does anyone know who owns this cat?” he said. The people who gathered around looked blankly at one another. He told them that he loved cats and had two of his own. ”I will take it to the animal centre, just up the road. They will know how to take care of this poor cat.”

One thought on “The Poor Cat

  1. 15 bianca

    * Wow Ryan, you really put emotion into your story. keep it up. I hope the poor cat is alright.
    * Well done for putting As it shivered in the right place. I fitted just right .
    *Try to use more Wow words , metaphors , and similes ,in your work and your work will be even better.


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