The shark attack

There were three boys called Humphrey, Jake and Austin. They had a dream to go to a hut near the ocean.They wanted to stay there for a weekend but it did not turn out the way they wanted. This is what had happened.

The three boys Humphrey , Jake and Austin wanted to gp on a vacation to a hut for the weekend. They had been planning it for the last month. Even the teachers knew they were going ,so no one was going to stop them . They were determined to go and exited.

Their parents were not very keen on letting them go because they thought it was too dangerous. All of their parents baned them from going and they all got punished for thinking of that idea. Angered, annoyed ,maddened the three boys were beause of what their parents had said , so they came up with an idea.

The boys decided that they  were going to meet at the train station in the middle of the night. So they had to sneak out their house at night then make their way to the hut  . They accually did it! They didn’t care if their parents were worried all that was on their mind was the hut.

When they  got there , they unpacked and went to look around the island. After a while the three boys decided to fool about andact like they were drowning.  Then they swam  right in the middle of the ocean “PINCH” something bit Humphrey , it was a SHARK!!!!

They were so scared that their hearts skipped a beat.They were wrapped in a blanket of fear .They knew that whatever they did in  the next minute would require a desicion of life and death. Frightened ,scared ,terrified the boys were when they saw the shark.

An old man saw what was happening and decided to call The Shark Rescue company. They came in a blink of an eye.  They were not  confused on what to do to save the boys they were trained  to save people  from sharks . It took them an hour to save them , but  unfortunately the shark ate Huphrey . Only Jake and Austin survived . Austin and Jake were mournful their good friend had died , only if they had listened to their parents.

Austin and jake decided to leave the hut since they knew how dangerous it in was.  When they got home they were scared about what their parents would say , afer all they did run away. As soon as they entered their houses straight away they  told their mum what had happened and how sorry they were. Their mother’s forgave them and told them not to do that ever again.

Austin and Jake larned that they should listen to their mum because everytime they say something they are always right . Jake and Austin also learnt that parent do not try to make you feel angry or sad . They do that to protect you because they care about you.

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