100wc #week 8

It was night. The moon was up. My family and i went camping for a weekend. I placed my hands on the zip of the tent and opened it . I crept out  not wanting to make a sound and i decided to  make  a campfire all alone . I was about to make some roasted beef when i felt a tap on my shoulders. The thing tapped me twice. Shaking uncontrollably, i turned and saw a weird looking statue. Terrified, scared, frightened, i was when i saw that  statue. After a while it grabbed me.   what will it do to me?

One thought on “100wc #week 8

  1. 15sinead

    That was a great story Naffrey. Great short sentence, it was really interesting. You should write what happens next I am really keen, what is going to happen. Did the statue take you into another world? Where you there queen! or did something happen dreadful happen, hopefully not. keep up the wonderful work!
    15 sinead


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