Prompt: “really Eggs!”

It was morning . The rooster was waking us up with his alarm call for morning. Today was the day. That we were going to get new chicks in eggs. I was really excited because I was going to be able to watch baby chicks grow into chickens. In the previous years i had dropped a baby chick and it died, so mum said that i could only watch them growing not hold them. Recently a chicken called delight gave birth to ten little chicks,  so i knew i would be able to look after the new chicks, but my mum would not give me a chance. Oh i can’t wait for them to come!

The cute new chicks came at three in the afternoon. My mother warned me not to touch it and if i did i would not be allowed to  watch it grow.  I would  also be banned from the chicken hut. I agreed with her and ran off. I could not imagine being banned from the chicken hut because i was so excited to touch the chicken’s or watch them grow. I felt like i was going to disobey my mother and i did!

It was night. The moon was up. I decided to go to the chicken hut and steal the box of eggs for the night and bring them back in the morning. Shaking uncontrollably, i placed my hand on the knob of the hut. In a blink of an eye i whipped the door open. There it was. The chicken box. I grabbed it and made a dash for it. When i got into my room i decided to have a quick lie down before i checked out the chicks, but when my head hit the pillow i was out like a light.

The following morning I found eggs all over by bed. I tried to move them but they were stuck to my bed cover. The only thing i could do was to tell my mother. When i told her she replied “really eggs!” Then she explained to me that she put the eggs there because she knew that i was going to disobey her. My mother had put them there to teach me a lesson, so then next time i would not do that. I got caught and I was banned from the chicken hut until the chicken’s were all grown up, but i deserve it because i decided to disobey my mother.

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