Baptism in sikism

Their baptism is called Amrit Sanchar . The Amrit Sanchar is the given name in the sikh tradition to the baptism ceremony. Also known as the initiation. Sikhs do not have their baptisim the same as christians do. The important person in christian’s baptism is god, but in the sikh baptism the important people are the beloved five. The sikh baptism started when the Guru was not present the masands or the local sangat leaders officiated. The Guru would guide the sikhs about the sikh teaching and instruct them to adopt them as a way of life. “Who is prepared to die for God?” asked Guru Gobind Singh. One man stepped forward and he was taken to a tent. After some time Guru Gobind Singh came out of the tent with blood dripping from his sword.  He asked the same question again. After the next four people were in the tent, he reappeared with the five, who were now all dressed like him. These five men were  known as the beloved five. Them five are very important in the Amrit Sanchar.Christian’s baptism started when John the baptist decided to baptise people in the River Jordan

Christian’s prepare for the baptism by dressing up in white gown to repesent being clothed in God’s love. Also christian’s have their baptism by going to a priest and being anointed with  all the baptism  symbols. Then we are clensed from our original sin by the holy water being poured on our foreheads. Sikhs do it differently.

The ingredients and the aids to the preparation of the  Holy Nectar are symbolic of a few things that are held in the highest regards by the khasla. In this religion it is believed that it should not be taken into the  mind that Amrit Sanchar  is the end purpose. It is the start of one’s journey into  the right path to live a pure and good life. Five handfuls of Amrit are given for drinking, five handfuls are sprinkled over the hair and another five are sprinkled into the eyes. That is the baptism of the sikhs called Amrit  Sanchar.

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