The 100wc

Scared, terrified, frightened, i went downstairs not knowing what danger had come. I whipped the door open and ran out the door. Running rapidly, I saw a figure in the distance and went to investigate. The trees towered over me and the wind howled like wolves. Suddenly, a hand reached out at me and dragged me to a nearby cottage.I shrouded myself in the corner but it just didn’t work.

I stepped on the creatures foot and ran home.I tucked myself in bed and saw a hand on my back. Running as a tornado I leapt on my parents bed and went to sleep.

5 thoughts on “The 100wc

  1. Mrs Fairburn (Team 100WC)

    Hello Julian, your story has some good wow words and descriptions. I wonder what had happened to the character.
    Remember that you are supposed to include the prompt in your story. I can’t see it.

  2. Anne Danieli

    Yes, having the prompt helps the reader understand the context of the story. The situation you developed was very frightening and I am glad you ended up quite safe.

  3. Dawid

    Hi Julian,
    A very descriptive piece of writing and wow words. You could improve the the bit when it said running as a tornado to: ‘running like a tornado’.

  4. 15tajay

    Hi Julian,
    Good horror story, I like the suspense at the beginning and the end went perfectly with your story. I think it was quite funny when you jumped into your parents bed. My only wish is that you stay in the same tence and make you I a capital. Good luck with the 100 word challenge and keep on writing.


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