I will never forget that day when I got lost in that terrifying forest.It all started when my mother was warning me about a dangerous forest and that I shouldn’t go in there. Apparently many people have gone in there,but they never came out alive. I agreed with my mum and promised her that I would never go in there (but everyone knows I don’t keep my promises)

The following day my mother went to the market to buy food,so that was my chance to leave the farm and go to the forest. It was a long walk,but eventually I got there. I sobbed loudly because I was missing my mother,but I really wanted to do this. While I was walking I met a lovely woodcutter. He warned me to return to where I came from because if I carried on walking deeper and deeper I may not come out alive,but I was too stubborn. I just ignored him and carried on my journey.

In a blink of an eye it was night time. It was windy and spooky. I was surrounded in darkness. No one was with me (except God). I was wrapped in a blanket of fear, I dared not to look back . The moon was looking at me sternly telling me “you made a massive mistake coming here”. Tree branches shaped as hands wanted to take out the life in me. Hungry wolves were licking their lips knowing dinner had come their way. Leaves made a crushing sound as I walked on them. I regretted ever disobeying my mother. I really wanted her, but how was I going to get out the forest? I bellowed for help, but no one heard me.

After a few hours a family of four were driving through the woods. I caught their attention. They had asked me if I was ok. I said “yes” sarcastically. They were about to leave me and I knew being sarcastic was not going to solve anything, so I asked them where they were going. They were going to their house. Luckily, I was able to live in their house for one day. So I popped into their car and they drove me to their house.

The next morning I thanked the family for letting me stay in their lovely home. As quick as a lion I sprinted out of the house and all the way home. I was lucky that it was sunny so I knew my way home. When I returned home my mother was sitting in her chair looking at me sternly, fuming  with anger.

From that day on I learned to always listen to my mother when she would tell me something , or something similar to this situation could happen again.

2 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. 15adam

    Well done Naffrey it was great I loved your openers. Your plot was also amazing but you forgot the comma before the speechmarks and a capital letter after the speech marks. Over all great story!

  2. 15jauvane

    Well done Naffrey. I really liked your sentence openers. Also your story flowed very well. Just remember after using a speech mark, open with a capital letter and close before after a piece of punctuation. Overall an excellent story.


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